Thoughts on fitness competing

Hey everyone!

So I have been consistently training for the past two years and I was thinking about spending my grade 12 year training hard for my first fitness competition I could enter once I hit 18!

I was so excited, thinking of how I had something that I could train hard for and work towards. That was until I found out the health risks of training for one..

Fitness competitions are supposed to be all about living healthy, training hard, and eating clean..but to what extent?.. 

The training for one of these competitions is extremely intense, and may people, thinking they are doing good or their bodies, are actually damaging them…

checkout this article for specifics:

I really wish someone would create a fitness competition for realistic figures, for a healthy, balanced body that is maintainable; without the extreme dieting, cardio, etc..

Please let me know if you know of something that is out there!

The only things that I can think of that have to do with complete health and fitness that you can wok towards healthily are marathons, races or something like femesport.